Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo

£26.99 £24.95

Product Description

Make the Bivvy Lite Duo your guiding light in the dark. It glows red or white on requirement at a brightness appropriate to you and can last up to 120 hours from a single charge from any USB port. It has a compact, lightweight design with magnetic fittings and backing plate, meaning it can attach to any bivvy, brolly or tent as well as any nearby ferrous metal for your convenience. It’s also incredibly simple to use, with a simple push button control.

Thanks to the sleek, almost post-modern design, and sheer practicality and efficiency, the Bivvy Lite Duo and Bivvy Lite Duo IR count as some of our highest rated and best-selling products.


  • Twin colour – white and red
  • Twin brightness settings
  • Sealed construction with built in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Compact, lightweight design: 200mm x 35mm x 35mm, 195g
  • Magnetic fittings • Simple push button control
  • Versatile micro USB charging port

Approximate battery life between charges:

Bright red: 6-7 hours Dim red: 70-75 hours

Bright white: 9-10 hours Dim white: 110-120 hours

Up to 120 hours of use from a single 5 hour charge, and no more buying expensive batteries. Simply plug into any USB port to charge.