New Guru/Rive ST Seatbox


Brand New Guru/Rive ST Seatbox

Product Description


  • Personalised Guru/Rive Back plate Leg system of 36mm diameter legs, with a low box stance for superb stability.
  • The 36mm legs have 25mm telescopic inserts for stable and easy adjustments and levelling.
  • Non slip footplate cover Personalised seat box cushion.
  • The height of the seat can be adjusted by adding trays.
  • HSF (High Stability Footplate) clips, to ensure the footplate won’t move while you’re sat or manoeuvring on the box.
  • Colour coded draw fascia on all draws.
  • Open cap system on the legs to host various arms and attachments.
  • Brand new ‘dream’ handcrafted seat box cushion. These are handcrafted by master saddlers in Strasbourg.
  • Patented open leg system, allowing legs to be removed without using the seat box positioning.
  • Height adjustments of the box can be made very easily.
  • The box frame features new hard wearing matt paint finish.
  • The box is supplied with spare under box cassette and carry lid.
  • New strengthened draw fronts with ribbed handles.
  • Patented HSP enables the weight distribution to be across 4 seat box legs, and not only two as with other seat boxes.