Korum 3-Piece Feeder Rods

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Korum 3-Piece Feeder Rods

This awesome range of 3-piece feeder rods are perfect for all styles of modern feeder fishing. Whether using the method at short range, or traditional open-end tactics at long range, this comprehensive selection of rods perfectly suits all feeder anglers. Offers a crisp action for improved casting and fish playing performance. Equally at home feeder fishing on stillwaters, rivers and commercials.

■ Slim Hard EVA and Hard Cork handles with screw down
reel seat
■ Gunsmoke folding hook keeper
■ Stunning black 5% gloss finish
■ Three quiver tips per rod
■ Lightweight gunsmoke guides
■ Packs down to three pieces including tip for easy

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11ft Feeder (3.3m) 45g (KFROD/01), 12ft Feeder (3.6m) 45g (KFROD/02), 12ft Feeder (3.6m) 60g (KFROD/03), 12ft Feeder (3.6m) 90g (KFROD/04), 12ft Feeder (3.6m) 120g (KFROD/05), 13ft Feeder (3.9m) 120g (KFROD/06), 13ft Feeder (3.9m) 150g (KFROD/07), 13ft Feeder (3.9m) 180g (KFROD/08)


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