Daiwa Airity Match & Feeder Range

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Airity has taken some of the trusted blank profiles of the Tournament Pro’s and advanced it with the innovative application of X45 Technology within the key compression zones.

This application of Bias materials delivers a mix of torque resistance and improved power conversion, outputting more casting energy and improving straight line accuracy. In addition, that superb fish playing ability is maintained.

For those wanting the best of both worlds and some we have created a dual length float & feeder’tip version. The 10/11 offers you the full mix required for the commercial scene but in only one rod.

The feeder range starts at 9’ extending through the length to three dual length versions. The more powerful 12/13 also sports higher diameter guides on the Megatop quiver tip.

  • X45 compression zone to aid accuracy/store power and offer quicker blank recovery
  • Hybrid tip and multi length editions
  • Megatop carbon quivers
  • Unique Tournament reel seat
  • Shaped EVA and cork for comfort
AM1011PW-AU 10’/11′ 5.8 Pellet Wag 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+1
AM13W-AU 13′ 6.9 Waggler 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+1
AMF1011-AU 10’/11′ 5.9 Match & Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+1
AF9Q-AU 9′ 5.0 Bomb-Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+2
AF10Q-AU 10′ 5.6 Bomb-Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+2
AF11Q-AU 11′ 5.9 Bomb-Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 2+2
AF910Q-AU 9’/10′ 5.7 Bomb-Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 3+2
AF1011Q-AU 10’/11′ 5.8 Bomb-Feeder 2-8 Fuji O Ring 3+2
AF1213Q-AU 12’/13′ 8.0 Medium Power 2-8 Fuji O Ring 3+1+2



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10ft/11ft Pellet Waggler, 13ft Waggler, 10ft/11ft Match & Feeder, 9ft Bomb/Feeder, 10ft Bomb/Feeder, 11ft Bomb/Feeder, 9ft/10ft Bomb/Feeder, 10ft/11ft Bomb/Feeder, 12ft/13ft Medium Power


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