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Avid Traction Carp Rods

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Product Description

Traction Carp Rods

All Avid Carp Traction rods boast a new Reactive carbon fibre technology, wrapped in matt 3k weave, that enables us to offer a unique take on a traditional ‘parabolic’ action. This enables anglers to deliver a slower power build up for casting, offering distance gains with minimal effort.

Reactive carbon also helps absorb the lunges of fighting fish better than other rods, giving the angler more control when it really matters. This careful blend of technologies provides the perfect action for modern carp fishing.

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12ft 2.5lb Traction (AVROD/07), 12ft 2.75lb Traction (AVROD/08), 12ft 3lb Traction (AVROD/01), 12ft 3.25lb Traction (AVROD/02), 12ft 3.5lb Traction (AVROD/03), 10ft 3lb Traction (AVROD/04), 12ft 5lb Spod Traction (AVROD/06), 12ft 3.5lb Marker Traction (AVROD/05)


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